Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Am Not Ashamed

On Thursdays, we have menu chapel, a time when our high school kids can choose the devo that they want to go to.  This nine weeks, I offered a movie showing of I Am Not Ashamed, the story of Rachel Scott who was a victim in the Columbine shootings.  When the movie was over, I reached out to the producer Chuck Howard, who is Kim Brooks's brother and Terri Minton who played Rachel's mom who is the aunt of one of my students.  It was a great day, and we learned so much. 

Homecoming 2017

7th Grade shopping cart float

Junior- Little Mermaid 

Sophomore float- Hansel and Gretel

Senior float- Aladdin

Parade and Pep Rally 

Junior attendant Olivia Desiery 

Levi and Lucas at game 

Lofton's School Project

Lofton had to make a volcano for school, and unfortunately, we procrastinated till the last minute, but we pulled off a decent one with some spray insulation and paint.  

Fish Fry

Our church had a fish fry to raise money for the Growing Tree Preschool.  Levi had fun eating with Mr. Jones and getting in the dunking booth.  Lofton worked hard and ran food for Phillip all night.  

Climb Nashville

Landon got invited to a party at Climb Nashville, so everyone got to spend a few hours there, which is something that they had all been wanting to do for awhile.  They had a great time, and they said it was exhausting. 

Candace and Jim

We had a great time at Candace and Jim's wedding in Florida.  Phillip, Jonathan, Gabe and I left on a Friday morning after dropping boys to school and got to Florida around 3:00.  We hit the beach for a few hours before meeting Candace, Jim, Nick, Debbie, and Cassie and Brian for dinner.  Saturday was fabulous. Phillip rose early to go fishing with the guys, and  I got up and took a three mile walk on the beach then Joni, Christy, and I went and sat on the beach for two hours before going to Candace's girls' beach day for another three hours. Then we went to Stinky's for dinner before going to the beach bonfire.  On Sunday, Phillip and I went to the store to get stuff for breakfast and ran in to Jim, so we invited him and Jonathan over for steak and eggs, and then I went to the beach for a few hours before the wedding.  The wedding was gorgeous and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  It was a great weekend.